Ceremony Instructions

Explore what time to arrive on campus, what to expect throughout your graduation ceremony, and where you can celebrate after with family and friends.

The procession of students walking through the courtyard.

General Information

Convocation Ceremonies are held in the Gymnasium of the Recreation Facility. Each ceremony is 90 minutes in length.

Before the Ceremony

For each ceremony, students will pick up their graduation regalia from the Commons building. Students are asked to arrive to the Commons building 1 hour and 30 minutes before their ceremony start time to pick up their graduation regalia.

Students will then be directed to the Sunshine Cafeteria in the Administration Building. There is no secure storage space available in the Commons or the Administration Building so whatever you bring with you into the buildings, you will need to bring with you into the Gymnasium and you will need to hold onto these items throughout the ceremony. It is recommended that you leave personal items such as purses and coats with your families / guests.

At exactly 45 minutes prior to the start time of the ceremony, the marshal will explain the procedure for the procession. A card inscribed with your name will be given to you as you join the procession in the Sunshine Cafeteria.

The Procession

The procession will leave 20 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. The procession forms in two lines, each led by a marshal, and marches to the Gymnasium where the lines are re-connected and directed to the proper seats. Your position in these two lines is decided by your required order of appearance when you cross the stage. You MUST therefore remain in your own line and in your original position in that line.

The Ceremony

You will be seated in the Gymnasium and will remain seated until the Faculty Procession enters. As the marshal signals the entrance of the Faculty Procession, you will rise and will thereafter sit and rise as directed by the Chancellor and / or President.

When it is time to cross the stage, successive rows of candidates will be directed to rise and follow the marshal to the platform. You should stop on the platform and hand the card with your name on it to the person reading the names. As your name is read out, you pause for a moment in front of the Reader’s Podium facing the audience, so that a picture can be taken of you. You then proceed across the platform, pausing to stand facing the Chancellor for your final photo opportunity. After the photo is taken, you will proceed across the platform. A marshal will direct you to a seat. You will remain in that seat until the end of the ceremony.

If you are a candidate for a PhD degree, the hood is carried on your left arm, and the President will drape it over your shoulders after you have been admitted by the Chancellor.

The Recession

After the ceremony the new graduates remain in their places until a marshal directs the formation of a procession to leave the building. Following the ceremony, we ask that you meet your friends and family in the main Courtyard.