Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Students like you have been graduating at UBC since 1916. It is a point of pride for the university to mark the day with a ceremony that speaks to the significant accomplishment students have achieved in their lives and the important contribution they have made to the university as a whole.



UBC's first graduating class, 1916

UBC’s first graduation class, 1916

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Excellence at UBC

An integral part of the graduation ceremony is the recognition of academic excellence and achievement. The Governor General’s Academic Medals, the Teaching Excellence and Innovation Award and the President’s Service Award for Excellence are awarded each year.
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Honorary degrees are conferred on deserving individuals for contributions such as long-standing achievement in an academic field or unparalleled commitment to community service. A collection of honorary degree recipients from 2006 to present day is available online.
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Honouring the tradition

From the 41 graduates in 1916 to the 13,000 graduates each year today, the ceremony is steeped in tradition.

Regalia colours

The hoods, gowns and hats worn by graduates are lined with colours to indicate the degree to be conferred, a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages when the first Universities were founded.
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A symbol of authority

At the start of every graduation ceremony, the Macebearer, carries the ceremonial University Mace, leads the Platform Party consisting of the Chancellor, the President and other dignitaries onto the stage.

The Mace is a symbol of the Chancellor’s authority and was designed by First Nations artist Sheldon Louis of the Okanagan Indian Band in 2005.
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