Graduation Checklist

Congratulations on completing your journey at UBC’s Okanagan campus! Below is some information to help you complete that final step and make it through your graduation ceremonies.

A smiling student at graduation


Download our UBC Okanagan Graduation Checklist so you can track your progress in preparation for your Graduation Ceremony!

1. Apply for Graduation

Every candidate for a degree must make a formal application for graduation. Applications close February 28, 2023. See the Student Services website for important application information, dates, and deadlines. You can also visit

For questions regarding your graduation application, please contact 

2. Find your Procession Number

This is the order in which you’ll cross the stage at the ceremony so make sure you know your number before you arrive.  You can find your procession number by viewing your graduation application in the Student Service Centre (SSC).  Here you can also view your graduation status and ensure that the information printed on your diploma, and in the graduation program is correct.  To make changes to your application, contact UBC’s Okanagan campus’ Graduation Office at

3. Rent your Graduation Gown

All graduates attending Convocation are required to wear regalia (gowns and hoods). Mortarboards (hats) are optional.

Visit our Graduation Gowns page to get more information on dates and deadlines for renting your regalia

4. Follow UBC Okanagan Social Media

Like the UBC Okanagan Facebook page

You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok!

5. Guest Seating

Although we do not issue tickets for guest seating, students are asked to submit RSVPs for their guests so we can estimate guest numbers for each ceremony. We kindly ask that graduating students restrict the number of guests to no more than four. This courtesy will ensure that all graduates may have some guests in attendance.

Visit our Guest Seating page to submit your RSVP and  to learn more about Guest Seating at UBC Okanagan Convocation Ceremonies.

6. Prepare your Family & Guests

Information for guests attending the ceremonies is available on the page for Family & Guests. This page provides details on campus accommodations as well as photography and video of the ceremonies.

7. Prepare for Your Ceremony

In preparation of your ceremony, please visit our Ceremony Instructions page to determine where you can pick up your regalia and where you will be lining up. We do not provide secure storage, so please leave any personal belongings with your guests and only bring what you can keep on your person during the ceremonies.

You can also take a look at our video on How To Pin Your Regalia, which shows you how to securely attach your hood to your gown for the ceremonies, which you will need to do before joining your spot in the procession.

8. Enjoy your Convocation Day!

This is a special day for you, your friends, and your family. Make the most of it and enjoy the day! You can share your experience with your fellow grads using the hashtag #UBCOgrad. Once again, congratulations on graduating from UBC’s Okanagan campus.

To find out more about joining the UBC Alumni, please check out the Alumni UBC Website.