Guest Seating

Learn about seating in the gymnasium, guest RSVPs, accessible seating and more.

A image graduates and guests sitting in the gym for the ceremony


Although we do not issue tickets, we kindly ask that students complete an RSVP for their guests. The RSVP serves to indicate who will need accessible seating (see below) and ensures that we remain within capacity for the Gymnasium. As a courtesy, please restrict the number of guests to no more than four to ensure that all graduates may have some guests in attendance. We do not want to have to turn anyone away at the door because we are over capacity. Please be kind to your fellow students and limit your guests accordingly.

The gymnasium is general seating. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If it is the first ceremony of the day, guests may enter the gym an hour before the ceremony, otherwise, guests may enter the gym once the prior ceremony has concluded and the guests for the prior ceremony have exited the gym. We ask that all guests are in their seats 15 minutes before the scheduled ceremony time as the student procession will be entering the gym at the scheduled time.


Additional Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions for details.

Accessible Seating

Accessible Seating is available for people with limited mobility including wheelchairs and walkers. Due to limited seating capacity, the Accessible Seating area will be able to accommodate one attendant per wheelchair user.

Please note: Family members may drive their vehicles to the lower level of the gym to drop off guests with limited mobility. Parking is available with the other guests in lots around campus.


We kindly ask that guests do not bring strollers into the gymnasium as they block the aisles and violate the fire marshal rules. Stroller “parking” is available on the upper level of the gymnasium but users assume all risk with leaving strollers there.


Each ceremony will be webcast live and is an excellent alternative for those guests who cannot attend in person. Live Webcast